Period violin bow with ebony stick

This bow has elements of both some earlier bows as well as later transitional bows.  The 3-facet mounting used would date the original stick and frog to around 1770 or later.

  The wood of the stick is the most interesting feature: it is made of ebony.  The bow has a solid feel on the string but the ebony gives this bow a softer, somewhat dark character, perfect for toning down a bright-sounding instrument.

This bow's ebony stick is fluted as is the head. The frog is of fossil ivory and the sides are quite hollowed out.  The button is turned from fossil ivory.

As one can see from the brand on the stick, I made this bow during the first week of the Oberlin 2004 Bowmaker Workshop.  The ebony stick was finished entirely using the natural abrasive equisetum sylvaticum - commonly known as horsetail rush.

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