The Oberlin Bowmakers Workshop

Here's a few pictures taken during the 2004 workshop.  The fellow wearing the "fez" is Jean Grunberger, the lead demonstrator for the workshop.  Under his direction, a "shop bow", a silver-mounted violin bow was made.  The various operations to fabricate this bow were done by each of the workshop participants.  The sale of the bow paid for our meals during the two week session.

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Participants: back row L-R: Eric Meyers, Bill Halsey, Tom Goering, Ole Kanestrom, Jon Crumrine, Steve Salchow, Tim Baker, David Forbes, Boyd Paulsen;  front row, L-R: Joe Regh, Lee Guthrie, Sue Lipkins, Ruth Werner, Elizabeth Vander Veer Shaak, Eric Lane, Josh Henry, Steve Beckley, Evan Orman, John Aniano; Sitting L-R Emile Grunberger, Elsa Grunberger, Jean Grunberger, Martha Soule.  Not pictured: Rod and Alice Bagley, Ron Forrester, Sheena Baratono and Jerry Pasewicz.

Jean Grunberger

Bill Salchow

Lee Guthrie

Ron Forrester

Sue Lipkins

Eric Lane

A few of the 2003 and 2004 Oberlin Bowmakers Workshop attendees...